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Teenagersintokyo Exclusive Video Premiere

We get the new video for the Sydney-bred, London-based band's new single 'End It Tonight'

Dazed Digital present the exclusive premiere of the new Teenagersintokyo video for their upcoming single 'End It Tonight'. Directed by Baron Baron Acton & Wiz, it arrives just before the launch of their album out on Back Yard Recordings in May.

Dazed Digital: What have you guys been up to since the last time DD spoke to you?

Teenagersintokyo: We've spent the last few months finishing our album and releasing our earlier single Peter Pan. Now we're getting ready for the album's release on May 24, the release of 'End It Tonight' and clocking up lots of time in the tour van.

DD: Your songs tend to be quite dark and melancholic. Was this intentional or have I got it all wrong?

Teenagersintokyo: It's not intentional, but there is definitely a dark undercurrent in our music. With the album we've tried to pull together all the different shades of the band, so there are a few tracks that are happier or at least less on the dark side. Personally, I never really thought we were that dark untill people started pointing it out to me.

DD: The new album is called Sacrifice, scary stuff - where did this come from? 

Teenagersintokyo: The title of the album is actually the first song off the record and coincidentially the last one that we wrote for it. It's also the only track on the album that we wrote since our move to London so I think it really expresses a lot about our situation. Being so far from home and your loved ones and working as passionatley as we do you tend to have to make a lot of sacrifices. It's also about the beauty of making a sacrifice. Too often it's seen in a dark context, but there is a great deal of emotion involved that I find fascinating.

DD: What inspires your music?
We're truly inspired by everything around us. I think so much of your life experience feeds it's way into your art, whether consciously or subconsciously. For us, our most obvious reference points are music and film, but often we'll use shapes or feelings when communicating with each other about where a song should be going.

DD: Do you work well together as people on tour, or do you bicker and start impromptu mud-wrestling? 

Teenagersintokyo: We actually have quite a lot of fun together on tour. We've all known each other for so long and we enjoy each others company. That's not to say we aren't without our fair share of tense moments, but if there was going to be any mud-wrestling going on it'd probably be because we dared each other rather than wanting to hurt each other.

DD: Have you guys relocated to LDN for good now? How does it compare to Oz?
Teenagersintokyo: As of now we'll have been in London for almost a year and looks like we'll still be here for a while. Honestly at first it was quite difficult adapting. We were frequently comparing London's weather and food to Sydney. We still do, but we've settled in now and feel more at home here. There is something about the energy of London that you thrive on. It's going to be interesting going back to Australia.