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Egyptian Hip Hop shot by Mikael Gregorsky

Party On Dummy

Hudson Mohawke and Egyptian Hip Hop play Dummy's First Birthday party...

Dummy are set to celebrate their very first birthday thrown with Dollop alongside live sets from band of the moment Egyptian Hip Hop and Warp Records' Hudson Mohawke. We quizz the musical talent set to grace the night in preparation...

Dazed Digital: How will you be getting geared up for the night?
Egyptian Hip Hop: A game of Scrabble and a couple of rounds on the Monopoly game we started in the studio.

DD: What's next for you guys?
Egyptian Hip Hop: I'm staying in Canada as I got completely rejected from all my universities over then Umec and Columbia.

Dazed Digital: What are you up to these days?
Hudson Mohawke: Doing loads of shows now, just finished an amazing US tour, got new music I'm waiting to roll out, started working on a send album, some interesting remixes that are gonna be surfacing soon, just had Chris Brown using a track of mine, haha - just trying to make the most out of all these opportunities at the moment.

DD: Tell us a little bit about what we can expect from the night.
Hudson Mohawke: I've been working a bit with Egyptian Hip Hop, the other band who are playing, so I think theyre gonna debut some of the stuff we've done so far. I've got a load of new material myself to try out, I haven't done a proper London show since Numbers at Fabric in January and that was totally totally ridiculous, unbelievable. So I'm looking forward to this a lot, bringing in loads of extra lights and other jiggery pokery.

DD: As you know it's Dummy's birthday, have you got any birthday messages you wish to pass on to them?
Hudson Mohawke: Get the fucking cat out your office, the staff are all allergic to it. And happy birthday!

Dazed Digital: Why did you start Dollop?
Sam Dollop:
Because I thrive off creating situations where lots of people get together and have an amazing time. Also from an addiction for setting things up and a love of music.

DD: What's your manifesto?
Sam Dollop:
Just never wanting to be pigeon holed genre wise really, and staying ahead of things. We like to book a mixture of well established artists, both live and DJs; with more up and coming - and just generally create innovative line-ups.

DD: Story behind the name?
Sam Dollop:
I found it on a tub of mayonnaise. Whichever way you look at it, it’s the same.

DD: What's next?
Sam Dollop:
London wise from September we will launch in a soon to be announced, famous venue. Working with Chrome Hoof on their album launch in a huge Hackney warehouse on June 4th - line-up includes CH live, Andrew Weatherall, Simian Mobile Disco and David Holmes. Also we’re hosting a large tent at 1234 Shoreditch Festival in July. Oh, not to mention we will soon celebrate our sixth birthday in Nottingham with Boys Noize, Optimo and more. Quite a lot!