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Dam Mantle (Glasgow, UK)

Tom Marshallsay breaks down the barriers between experimental psychedelic pop

Dam Mantle, aka Tom Marshallsay, is a young Glaswegian specializing in a brand of electronic music that’s constantly evolving, never remaining in the same place for long. Euphoric punches get traded with grubby bass slices, resulting in soulful journeys that never fail to draw you in. Dazed caught up with him as he prepares to head out on tour with Gold Panda.

Q & A
WHAT'S... special about you then?
I don’t think that’s a question I can answer; it’s hard to step outside of what you make to judge it in such a way. I’m just another person who spends way too much time alone making music.

...on your stereo?
Been rediscovering a lot of stuff.; A Thomas Mapfumo record one of my good friends fathers brought back from Zimbabwe many years ago. Been listening to and watching low quality videos of Alvino Rey and his talking lapsteel. Manitoba’s ‘start breaking my heart’ is new to me and so that’s been on repeat. Beat Dimensions comps, ‘Mount Kimbie’ never seem to get old, ‘Lukid’, ‘Becoming real’, ‘Loops Haunt’.  Gradually sifting through my charity shop buys. My housemate’s Mississipi records collection, Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake.

Who’s your hero?
Werner Herzog

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had?
“Slow down” the top of your shit list?
Hmm, I don’t wanna hate but this felt wrong: Rusko - Woo Boost video

...your dream musical collaboration?
Man so many people, collaboration is something I love doing. Battles, Tortoise, Flylo, Daedalus, Zomby, Phil Elverum, Yoni Wolf, Doseone, an orchestra of some sort.

...the world coming to?
Political correctness gone mad.

...your worst vice?
Listening to bad quality versions of Busta Rhymes tracks on Youtube.

...did you dream about last night?
I don’t remember, but I keep having a dream where I’m on a beach with these huge walrus-like creatures and two priests, they know that they’ve done something awful and they’re distraught, one of them comforts the other. They lose the sensation in their legs and fall onto the cold sand. In the distance a huge machine with tank-like wheels approaches perpetually.

Are you looking forward to going on tour with Gold Panda?
Totally. It’s my first time on tour.  

Are you planning on getting up to any tourbus antics or will you just be making beats?
It’s the Buckfast and Bitches tour. Plenty of misogyny and crack binges, Sony have sponsored us to throw televisions out of windows for their new ad campaign. I’m gonna take a four track with me, I need to write an essay also. Gonna try and read a lot.

Have you met Derwin before? Describe his personality in four words.
Yeh, a very nice guy.

The Grey EP is out now on Halleluwah Hits