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Darwin Deez (New York, US)

Dazed have words with the frontman of the NY pop band before he releases his debut album on Lucky Number

There’s always room in the world for great pop songs, and Darwin Deez has a few up his sleeve as well as a shedload of great dance moves that he’s not afraid to use. His band's eponymous debut album, equal parts sunkissed exuberance and stomach-punched melancholy, is out April 12th on Lucky Number. Expect big things from the lo-fi lot.

WHAT'S... special about you then?
Well, the same thing that’s special about everybody I guess. I’m just a vulnerable person with emotions. If I use my voice in a certain way, it creates overtones and hopefully they’re pleasing if I do it in a natural way. I’m here to express things that everyone can relate to. I think that’s what connects you to an artist, the emotional bridge.

...your dream musical collaboration?
Maybe Katy Perry. Because she’s so fucking sexy. Or I guess Ke$ha would be one because she’s so sexy. Any collaborative situation where I might end up being kissed would be something.  But also, I love really slick music. I don’t make it but it would be fun to dip my feet into that pool.

...on your stereo?
Toby Goodshank, who’s my ex-girlfriend’s brother. Just a guy from the anti-folk scene, the sidewalk café scene. He just has a really unique style, acoustic music  with really crazy psychedelic lyrics. Lyrics that when you listen to them, they really are like a mind fuck. Everything Everything, Rage against the Machine, Paula Abdul.  Forever Your Girl is amazing.

Who’s your hero?
Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek. On one level, he’s a hero. He’s the one with Katie. The first season is amazing. I watched it again and parts of my brain were forever rotted.

What’s your vision of the future?
Maybe the abolition of capitalism. It’s easy for an artist to say that, cos what we do is give essentially. It’s a gift, the excavation of it is so joyful and it’s such a release. It’s such a positive experience.

It’s not about control or ownership. The value of music is not that you can own it, but that you can share it. It’s easy to think about gift economies from the perspective of a musician. The vision I have of the future is definitely positive, full of brotherhood, peace, good times and good music.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had?
If you want something right, you gotta do it yourself.

...your worst fashion secret?
Until I did laundry last week, I didn’t do laundry for two months.

...your worst vice?
Watching television for hours and hours and just rotting my brain. Lust for women. I feel that strongly.

...did you dream about last night?
I can’t remember. I really can’t remember any dreams recently. My sleeping has been so fucked up, like I’ll go to sleep at 11 and wake up at 4am. I can’t remember any dreams.

...was the last film you saw?
Paranormal Activity, which is a thriller. Wasn’t really any good. I watched it because Michelle’s (bass) girlfriend said it was good. You know when your significant other recommends something to you, you wanna watch it if you can. Great idea for a film, but they didn’t give us any good scares.

How long have you had the hair?
Probably about five years. It’s hard having mixed-race hair. My dad is half-black, half-white and my mum is white so that’s the reason it’s curly, ‘cause of my dad. It was really hard to figure out how to make it look good or decent because it can be really frizzy. Luckily that was really cool in the eighties, I think it’s coming back so I’ll be at an advantage there. I stole this from some hipster at college and made it my own. Stole the headband also from a girl. It’s probably time for something new.