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West Coast tripping with Gonjasufi & The Gaslamp Killer

An exclusive Tim Noakes film of Gonjasufi & The Gaslamp Killer on a road trip from LA to Vegas

For the music issue of Dazed I hit the road with psyche hop wizard Gonjasufi, travelling from LA to his home in Las Vegas. Along the way we hooked up with his long-term producer and global purveyor of cosmic bass, The Gaslamp Killer for an afternoon of machetes, possum hats, hash cookies and heady vibes. In this exclusive film for Dazed Digital, the duo discuss on camera – for the first time ever – what inspired A Sufi & A Killer, their hallucinogenic debut album, and we also show what happened behind the scenes of Luke Gilford’s shoot for the magazine.

Photo by Luke Gilford from the April issue of Dazed & Confused