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Macc Mello

Meet Macc Mello, who's music defies convention, definition and sometimes gravity.

Marvellous Macc Mello's tunes will do your head in. Defying convention, definition and sometimes, gravity, his sticky-verging-on-retarded flow slides over warped beats like toxic sludge.

Maybe he can do a better job of describing his music?

"That's always hard! I rap and produce and I cover lots of genres. I know everyone says they listen to lots of genres, but I really do! But I can say my songs sound galactic, sonic, maybe like something made in space, but with the structure of a conventional rap song."

All this by-the-book structure is where the comfort zone ends, Mello's glitch-happy trigger finger and faux-naïve drawl about fucking and fighting his way around the London indie scene makes all the other stuff on offer sound like aural vanilla. Boring.

His long overdue single comes out soon. Get on it.