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Hannah Diamond
Courtesy of Dazed

Go behind-the-scenes of Hannah Diamond’s upcoming album, Perfect Picture

We visit the pop star on set to talk girlhood, the colour pink and the transformative power of worldbuilding

As one of the founding members of PC Music, Hannah Diamond knows a thing or two about the galvanising power of pop music. Now preparing for the release of her second album Perfect Picture, the London-based artist is entering a new chapter, stepping out the digital screens that first launched her to stardom, with a 12-track exploration of identity and girlhood, which follows on from her critically acclaimed 2019 debut, Reflections. “This album is more focused on who I am on the inside, a multi-layered self-portrait. I’m the girl you already know but grown up. I’m more self-assured and exploring my dreams,” she says.

Ahead of the album launch, Dazed went behind-the-scenes of her album cover shoot to talk girlhood, the colour pink and worldbuilding. “For me, girlhood is not a gendered concept, it’s transformative, expansive and worldbuilding,” she adds. “The key ingredients of building my world would be making something that’s really personal to me and really finding the magic in it and extracting it, and abstracting that into a place where that becomes something more than it could have ever been.”

Watch the video below to find out more.