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Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Fox News won’t stop playing 100 gecs for some reason

The right-wing news channel has taken a shine to Laura Les and Dylan Brady, recently crowning them ‘the best new band out’

The US television network Fox News has an international reputation for peddling hateful rhetoric and disseminating right-wing propaganda into the minds of the American populace. But in a move that may come as a surprise, the organisation has found an unlikely musical hero to soundtrack their delusion: the chaotic internet-pop duo 100 gecs.

Over the past few months, Fox has used tracks from the band’s latest album 10,000 gecs as transitional music for its afternoon panel show The Five, with co-anchor Greg Gutfeld even referring to Dylan Brady and Laura Les’s outfit as “the best new band out”. He also gave a shout-out to Death Grips and Killing Joke, adding that the music was “amazing”.

The madness began in late March when Gutfeld boldly claimed that “Biden’s green agenda is actually helping China to cash in” during a taping of The Five. As the show cut to a commercial break, viewers could hear gecs song “The Most Wanted Person In The United States” play out while a photo of Biden remained on screen. Then on April 4, as Gutfeld announced that the “Chinese sky balloons” had managed to “scoop up more sensitive secrets than what Joe Biden told us about”, the band’s track “Doritos & Fritos” played the segment out.

Since then the band’s song “Dumbest Girl Alive” was played during a piece about voters fleeing Democrat-run cities, before Gutfeld referred to the duo as “probably the best new band” this past weekend. “If you want to listen to 100 gecs, get their new album,” the host told his audience, deadpan and without a stutter.

It’s a slightly confusing turn of events, with many pointing out the inconsistency of Fox spotlighting a queer band considering its own abhorrent track record on trans issues. Could this be a sign the network is turning over a new leaf? After all, as band member Les tweeted decisively in 2018, if you like 100 gecs’ music you “immediately are trans”. Maybe this has all just been an elaborate psyop from Fox, and their goal from the start was to turn their viewers trans. OK allies! 

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