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The Last Dinner Party takes you to the depths of the feminine psyche

The London-based quintet have been selling out venues with their decadent, high drama performances – we meet them as they finally release their debut single ‘Nothing Matters’

For the longest time, The Last Dinner Party (comprised of vocalist Abigail Morris, bassist Georgia Davies, keyboardist Aurora Nishevci and guitarists Lizzie Mayland and Emily Roberts) existed only through rare and elusive fan recordings, winning over audiences on the excitement around their live shows alone. Their genre-bending sets – fusing elements of glam-rock, new wave and heavy synth breakdowns – have seen them perform in venues across the UK, recently selling out London’s Camden Assembly. Along the way and without ever releasing a song, they’ve supported artists like Nick Cage and The Rolling Stones (the latter of which made the “gig first, release later” model such an exciting proposition). 

Despite the pressure of the hype machine, the group – who all met at university in London – remain confident and undaunted. Their long-awaited debut single “Nothing Matters” is a seductively crude and unashamedly vulnerable love song, produced by Last Shadow Puppets’ James Ford, who has previously collaborated with the Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine. In the captivating accompanying music video, directed by Saorla Houston and the band themselves, they invite us into their world of gothic high drama, complete with masterfully placed references to Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides and Mulholland Drive. It’s a lavish, theatrical insight into the depths of the feminine psyche.

Following the release of “Nothing Matters,” we caught up with The Last Dinner Party vocalist Abigail Morris to discuss the new single, the importance of styling, and what the future holds for the band.

Firstly, you guys sound like you were born to make music together. How did you all meet each other? 

Abigail Morris: We all met in our first year of university and bonded over our obsession with the London live music scene. Our friendship and the genesis of the band formed over many nights of going to gigs together.

You recently released the music video for “Nothing Matters”. How did you come up with the concept for the video? 

Abigail Morris: It was inspired by a lot of our favourite films; The Virgin Suicides (1993), Daisies (1966), Black Swan (2010), Mulholland Drive (2001). We wanted to create something visually striking, rich and decadent to go with the music. 

How important are fashion and styling in the identity of your band? Do you have any style inspirations at the moment? 

Abigail Morris: We’ve always known that our visuals as a band are just as important as the sound, so that’s something we put a lot of care and effort into. At the moment we love Chloë Sevigny and the medieval-core wave.

You’ve been in the studio working alongside James Ford. How has that been? 

Abigail Morris: Incredible. It was a complete honour and experience of a lifetime to work with someone who is not only absurdly talented, but immensely kind and encouraging. 

You have had such a sudden, electric emergence in the music world. Are there any big dreams in particular that you are working towards?

Abigail Morris: One day we’d like to make a concept album with a short film to go with it – something in the folk horror realm. And to tour Australia!

‘The worst advice I’ve ever been given? Try not to sexualise yourself so much’ – Abigail Morris

Can you share the most recent note from your notes App?

Abigail Morris:
Baby names: 

What’s the most recent picture/screenshot on your camera roll?  

Abigail Morris: I sent this to a friend asking to send me erotic ASMR audios:

What’s your favourite cornershop snack?

Abigail Morris: Giant Wotsits.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Abigail Morris: Try not to sexualise yourself too much.

What would be your funeral song?

Abigail Morris: Johnny Cash, “Bird On A Wire” (live with orchestra).

Who is your nemesis?

Abigail Morris: Mick Jagger.

What adjective would you least like to be described as?

Abigail Morris: Bloodless.

What do you reckon you’re most likely to get cancelled for?

Abigail Morris: Georgia tweeting something problematic after going mad with power.

What do you put on your rider?

Abigail Morris: A nice bottle of Pinot Noir, Yum Yums, gluten-free beer, Vogue Bleue slims, and fresh flowers.

You encounter a hostile alien race and sound is their only mechanism for communication. What song would you play to them to inspire them to spare you and the rest of the human race?

Abigail Morris: Iannis Xenakis, “Metastasis”.

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