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Fenech-Soler (Kings Cliffe, UK)

Electronic swoon-pop four-piece combine smooth boyband vocals with snazzy electro.

With remixes on the single 'Cult of the Romance' from Alan Braxe as heard in the new Annie Mac Presents double-disc mix CD and The Phantom's Revenge reworking 'Lies', the UK four-piece Fenech-Soler have been shoved in the blog electro scene despite making mostly band music. Hailing from London, the swoon-worthy vocals paired with trendy Kitsune-esque aesthetics are sure to be tugging the heartstrings of indie girls across the land.

Dazed Digital: Words like 'electro', 'synth-saavy', 'pop', and 'filthy' have been thrown around about your music. How would you want to describe your sound?
Fenech-Soler: I suppose we are electronic, we do use lots of synths, there is a pop element to our sound and when we play live there's a lot of heavy filthy bass... Those words work for me.

DD: What inspires you?
Fenech-Soler: I think Ross and I growing up in a very musical family has something to do with it. Our dad was a country musician and toured around the world with Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette when we were younger so we've been around music all our life. Other bands inspire us. Tiger City, Boy Crisis and Acrylics are a few bands from Brooklyn that inspire me. Records and sounds from the late 70s / early 80s. A time before midi programming! New random bits of studio gear always opens the door to a different direction as well...  

DD: Your lyrics tend to be quite romantic or love-orientated. Have you had a lot of girl trouble?
Fenech-Soler: Haha... Afraid not although I can see why people think that after our recent single 'Lies'. We wrote the song a long time ago and I think we were listening to a lot of Scissor Sisters at the time. The chorus reminded me of something Jakes Shears or Ana Matronic might sing about.

DD: What's the story behind your name?
Fenech-Soler: It's comes from a Maltese patriot from the 1700s. It's actually part of our bass players name. We're massive in Malta.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Fenech-Soler: For some reason 'Gimme More' by Britney Spears has been on repeat today in the studio. I'm also addicted to a recent song from Warp Records called 'Joy Fantastic' by Hudson Mohawke featuring Olivier Daysoul. It's a complete tune.

DD: The Alan Braxe remix of 'The Cult of Romance' is lovely, (unexpectedly refreshing after the years of electro banger-remixes), who would be your dream collaboration?
Fenech-Soler: Thank you. We love that remix too. Working with Alan was up there actually. Complete legend. I would really like to work with the Swedish producers 'Bloodshy & Avant'... Miike Snow has been their most recent project...  

DD: If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?
Fenech-Soler: No idea, probably something using my degree but I'm falling asleep even thinking about it.

DD: Where do you want to be in ten years?
Fenech-Soler: Still making, producing and talking about music hopefully...

'Lies' is out now on Moda Music.