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Junglepussy defies gravity in a new music video

The Brooklyn native invites her fans into a whimsical world with her new trippy video

To celebrate Nike Air Max Day, we’ve partnered with Nike to transport you into 2053. In a new documentary, five creatives from Generation Air look back at the key moments in 2023 which pushed culture forward. Head to the hub here to watch the documentary and find out more.

Since starting her career when she was 21 in 2014, Junglepussy has been continuously putting her own spin on culture by pushing the boundaries of genre, both in her music and her videos. Her most famous videos, such as ”Trader Joe” and ”NAH” have opened the door to her creative mind and shown how music videos can elevate storytelling. Released this week, her newest project is no different. 

For her latest video, the New York-born musician has looked to the future, creating innovative visuals which take green screen technology to new heights. Suspended from the ceiling, the video shows Junglepussy flying through the air while sporting the brand new Nike Air Max Pulse. Against a backdrop which resembles an otherworldly, underwater meadow, Junglepussy enchants viewers, inviting them to join her in her avant-garde universe.

What a snippet of the video below.