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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has been accused of abusing an underage fan

A new lawsuit alleges that Manson groomed and sexually assaulted a young fan at the beginning of his career

Marilyn Manson allegedly groomed and sexually assaulted an underage girl on multiple occasions in the 1990s, according to a new lawsuit filed on Long Island, New York on Monday.

The suit focuses on crimes which allegedly happened at the beginning of Manson’s career. The unnamed plaintiff, described as “an adult female residing in Maryland”, claims she was 16 years old when Manson first targeted her in 1995, and continued to abuse her for years thereafter.

The suit alleges that Manson – whose real name is Brian Warner – used his “his role, status, and power as an adult and performer in the music industry to gain access to, groom, manipulate and exploit her”.

Allegedly, in 1995, the plaintiff waited outside Manson’s tour bus hoping to meet him, when he invited her “and one of the other younger girls” onto his bus where he asked their age, school grade and took down their home addresses and phone numbers, before raping the plaintiff.

“Plaintiff was in pain, scared, upset, humiliated and confused. After he was done, Defendant Warner laughed at her,” the lawsuit reads. “Then Defendant Warner demanded Plaintiff to ‘get the fuck off of my bus’ and threatened Plaintiff that, if she told anyone, he would kill her and her family.”

The plaintiff alleges that a crew member gave her a phone number for the band and a password, so that she and Manson could meet again. They remained in contact, then in 1999 Manson allegedly began tightening his psychological control over the plaintiff. “Warner perpetuated his grooming, manipulation, exploitation and sexual assault of plaintiff over the course of approximately four weeks,” the lawsuit continues.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Manson’s attorney said that he “does not know this individual and has no recollection of ever having met her 28 years ago. He certainly was never intimate with her.”

The suit comes less than a week after Manson reached a settlement with the actor Esmé Bianco, who sued him in April 2021, alleging rape and sexual battery. He has also faced multiple allegations of abuse from other women, most famously the actress Evan Rachel Wood.