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Kristen Stewart will direct three boygenius music videos

The supergroup formed by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus will release their debut album on March 31

Kristen Stewart is set to direct at least three of boygenius’ upcoming music videos.

Earlier this month, boygenius – the supergroup formed by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus – announced that they would be releasing their debut album, the record, on March 31 this year.

To coincide with the announcement, the trio released three songs from the forthcoming album: ‘$20’, ‘Emily I’m Sorry’, and ‘True Blue’. The album’s 12-song tracklist was also revealed in a Rolling Stone cover story.

Then on Thursday 26, Rolling Stone published another article drawing on their conversations with the band, which included the news that Kristen Stewart will direct three of their next music videos.

“Hanging out with Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers — a.k.a. boygenius — you learn a lot about three of the most fascinating people in rock,” the article reads. “For instance: Baker calls her barbecue the best $400 she’s ever spent. Dacus is currently watching The Sopranos for the first time. Bridgers loves Christian-era Bob Dylan. And Kristen Stewart is directing three music videos for the band.”

Doubtless this is great news for Bridgers, who is a longtime fan of Stewart. (On the day she released “Kyoto”, she tweeted “I like to release music on sacred days such as Kristen Stewart’s birthday.”)

Stewart is no stranger to directing music videos: back in 2017, she directed Chvrches’ video for “Down Side of Me”, and in 2014 directed the video for “Take Me To The South” by Sage + the Saints. She’s also making her feature directorial debut with the upcoming film The Chronology Of Water, an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s bestselling memoir.

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