Princess Julia starts a scandal in Jockstrap’s new ‘Greatest Hits’ video

The cameo-filled clip follows a ‘faked death, lies, trickery and deceit’

Jockstrap’s debut album I Love You Jennifer B generated near-universal acclaim when it was released earlier this year, cementing the British pop duo as one of contemporary music’s most exciting acts. 

Their new music video for “Greatest Hits”, released today, is an exploration of celebrities and the mythology we build around them. According to Jockstrap, it follows the story of “a famous British music duo… their multi-award-winning generation-defining ‘Greatest hits’ album…. A faked death…. A remembrance concert….Lies, trickery, deceit… millions in damage claims.” Who, they ask, “will win the musical trial of the decade?” 

The video was directed by Aiden Zamiri (featured previously as part of the Dazed 100) who recently collaborated with FKA Twigs on her visuals for the mixtape Caprisongs. It also features cameos from many celebrities and friends of the band such as Don Letts, Jamie xx and Princess Julia.

“I think Jockstrap are one of the most exciting bands in the world and I’m stoked we were able to make this video together,” Zamiri said of the collaboration. “We wanted this to have a bit of a reflection on the time we live in now, whilst still having a sense of humour about it. Georgia and Taylor are geniuses, and I was so grateful to explore this mad story with them. We did our best to make it as legally accurate as possible (with a few artistic liberties) and this was possible thanks to Jean Lee, our barrister consultant who also played the judge.”

Jockstrap, composed of London’s Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, first met at Guildhall School of Music and have been making music together since 2018. Both are involved in separate projects, with Ellery playing violin for Black Country, New Road (another critically acclaimed genre-bending band) while Skye has been commissioned to remix tracks by artists such as Injury Reserve.

Watch the video for “Greatest Hits” in full above

Jockstrap's debut album I Love You Jennifer B is out now via Rough Trade Records. 

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