Listen: Caroline Polachek shares new aria for Kurt Cobain opera

It is very sad :(

Caroline Polachek has released an aria she wrote for Last Days, an opera adaptation of Gus Van Sant’s 2005 film which is loosely based on the death of Kurt Cobain.

The opera, like the film before it, charts the disintegration of Blake, a Cobain-esque rockstar who has fled rehab and is hiding out in his mansion, attempting to elude fans, his family, and a private detective on his tail. It has been praised by critics as “hypnotic”; “bleak and beautiful”, “grim but fascinating.

Written with PC Music producer and long-time collaborator Danny L Earle, Polachek’s aria is titled “Non Voglio Mai Vedere il Sole Tramontare” (Italian for “I Never Want to See the Sun Go Down”). After a successful run at the London Opera House, Last Days closes today (October 11), but you can listen to the aria in full above. If you’re expecting some kind of modern twist on the form which references either Nirvana or PC music, however, you might be disappointed: it’s beautiful and haunting, but surprisingly traditional. It sounds, well, like opera!