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Photography Eddie Otchere, Remi Bourdeux

Sherelle is showing no signs of slowing down

The London DJ and producer talks about her new platform, Beautiful, how to get into DJing, and what to expect from her upcoming set at Repercussion

Everything in Sherelle’s world moves fast. The London-born DJ, producer, radio host, and label head is an all-round creative force who’s showing zero signs of slowing down, on or off stage, since the now-legendary Boiler Room set that catapulted her to global fame in 2019. Behind the decks, she operates at breakneck speed, blending various global forms of dance music – footwork, jungle, and drum and bass – into superfast sets cranked up to 160 BPM that send crowds into a frenzy.

Previously a member of the now-defunct 6 Figure Gang, Sherelle is now using her status to head Beautiful, a platform that, launched last year, aims to elevate Black and LGBTQ+ voices and stories via studio spaces, workshops and an academy programme. With a set at The Warehouse Project’s Repercussion up next, the 29-year-old is racing on at full speed, so you’re going to need stamina to keep up.

Below, we catch up with Sherelle about her platform Beautiful, how to get into DJing, and what to expect from her upcoming set at Repercussion.

How have you spent your summer? What have been some of your highlights?

Sherelle: I have spent my summer just going from amazing place to amazing place and although it’s been tiring, I am very appreciative of all the places that have booked me. My highlights have been Dekmantel for sure, because I was looking forward to it so much and it lived up to everything I thought it would be.

How did you first get into DJing?

Sherelle: I got into it by using a cracked version of Virtual DJ. Years later, when I was in uni, I used some of my money from student finance to buy myself a controller. Then, after that, a DJ and producer called CassKidd taught me how to DJ using CDJs at Reprezent Radio.

How did growing up shape your sound? How do you think that’s impacted your approach to music today?

Sherelle: Growing up with people who had good music taste really helped haha. Dancehall, ragga, and R&B are my music backbone. I am happy that my mum and sister love music so much. It’s really made me appreciate everything and want to know so much about all the genres I play. 

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Sherelle: DJ Rashad, obviously. I really liked how he approached music and always was thinking about how to push the new and create new sounds and never be boxed in one music area. I want and I am trying to constantly remember to be more like him every day. Even though I never knew him, I am fortunate to hear such amazing stories from his close mates. Those stories spur me on.

What attracts you to high-speed sounds? Why do you think it resonates with crowds so much post-pandemic?

Sherelle: It’s just so fun and there are no rules. Everything is lawless and the creators are not up their own arse. 

You launched your platform Beautiful last year. What prompted you to set it up and how’s it been going since?

Sherelle: It’s been going super well! BEAUTIFUL is there to help Black and queer artists and we are running workshops with Mura Masa, Pinkpantheress, Lil Silva in October. We also have our own studio space! All of this has been made possible with the collaboration with AIAIAI who have helped me build all of the things I wanted to do in my mission statement a year ago. 

What can we expect from your  Repercussion set?

Sherelle: 160++++ oblivion of course. With a few cheeky edits for the drama of it all. 

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers?

Sherelle: Don‘t ever give up. And always stick at it with radio shows and mixes. There is always someone listening. Also, make sure you go to all your favourite nights and talk to all your fave DJs if you can. It’s really good to network with people.

Any exciting plans for the future?

Sherelle: Drinking more water? 

Repercussion takes place at Depot Mayfield on September 10