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Turbo Fruits Video Exclusive

The energetic psuedo-surf rock band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee present the video for their new single 'Naked With You'

Like a terrible horror B-movie, a young couple in matching denim jackets on a motorbike face their doom when a toothy flying sweater ruins all their hopes of being 'Naked With' each other. No, this isn't a really, really lame teen movie with a sub-par excuse for the 'villain', but the new video for the single 'Naked With You' from Tennessee's latest export, Turbo Fruits. Dazed spoke to Jonas Stein (Turbo Fruits frontman) and the director Brad Holland (formerly in Whirlwind Heat) about all the Japanese subtitled madness...

Dazed Digital: What is the concept of the video?
Brad: I wanted to do a video that had the cheesy rear projected driving visuals like in old 60s films. We tried to borrow my friend's Honda motorcycle but it wasn't running and it wouldn't fit in our van. We borrowed a moped at the last minute and used that instead. It's "Godzilla" meets "Motor Psycho" while singing the Beach Boys. Pure ridiculousness...
Jonas: Brad said we needed a smokin' hot lady for the shoot... I had no problem with that.

DD: What were the visual references?
Brad: Motorcycles, Japanese text, streets, monsters, cheesiness...
Jonas: Smokin' hot ladies.

DD: Can you list a couple of your favourite music videos in the past?
Brad: I love the video for "Sails of Charon" by Scorpions. I also really like the video "Ocean Floor" by Steven Piet for my new band Hell Beach.
Jonas: I love Black Lips' video for the song 'MIA' directed by Monty Buckles.

DD: What was your experience of making the video?
Brad: No one got hurt. It was all clean wholesome fun.
Jonas: Beers and a green screen.

DD: How did you decide to work together?
Jonas: Brad's a good friend that I met on a month-long tour when he was playing in Whirlwind Heat and I was playing in Be Your Own Pet... He was always making music videos for Whirlwind Heat on tour.. I loved everyone of them...

DD: What do you want your next video to look like?
Brad: I have an idea where a teenage girl secretly joins the roller derby...
Jonas: Well... Keep your eyes peeled for our video for Mama's Mas "Cos I Fried My Brain" by Matthew Robinson


DD: You’ve just appeared in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It!”. What’s your memory of working with someone like Drew?
Jonas: She is very kind. She gives really big hugs and she was working really hard on Whip It!

DD: If your music soundtracked a movie, what kind of movie would it be?

Jonas: The next generation of Easy Rider.

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