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Christoffer Fagerli Gets The Band Back Together

The globe-trotting Norwegian model returns to his musical roots.

Christoffer Fagerli was born in Åalesund, Norway and grew up in the majestic reaches of a land which leaves even the sharpest tongues speechless in their attempts at lyrical interpretation. A self-taught musician, Fagerli has become a familiar face in the world of fashion since the age of 18, modeling for designers like Dior Homme, Comme Des Garcons, Hermes, Fendi, Anne Demuelmeister and Alexander McQueen. Paying homage to the spirit of his Nordic ancestors, he works as a mechanic and electrician in various shipyards around Norway. Fagerli is now going back to playing music full time, making his first album while rejoining his old band members along with his good friend Hans Bondhus.

Dazed Digital: How long have you been playing music?
Christoffer Fagerli: 
I started playing guitar when I was 16, and I had a band for about a year. After that I started to travel around, and I never really had a guitar to play, so I played records around clubs and parties and found that OK.
But I always knew that I would rather sing and make my own music at one point, so I just started doing that in early 2008.

DD: What inspires you at the moment?
A lot people's talk about  less useful facts, and my own need to seek other states of mind up to this point. But I'm more positive in the summer.

DD: Did you learn anything for your music from modeling experiences?
From the lifestyle, seeing so many places and people, yes. But from the few hours that was the modeling itself, no.

DD: Who are your favorite bands and why?
I would say Madrugada for the mood that I find myself very stimulated by, Ray Charles because nothing swings more, and ELO because it's a musical feast for the ears.

DD: What are your plans now? Any gigs?
I'm rejoining with an old friend who plays fantastic guitar and mandolin. We are going to record the 6 songs I have so far, but at a higher quality Then when I find someone to play violin, and my sister, who sings, comes back from holidays, I'm sure there will be some gigs.