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Dazed Mix: VTSS

The Polish producer shares her unique take on fast techno, featuring ‘a lot of vocals, edits, some more funky vibes’

With jaw-trembling BPMs and shuddering basslines, VTSS is easily one of the hottest talents in dance music right now. Warsaw-raised DJ and producer, real name Martyna Maja, is known for her playful and maximalist take on techno, bursting the genre’s austere culture bubble with her trademark hardcore, electro and EBM. 

Initially emerging as a key figure in the Polish underground, Maja cut her teeth in the Berlin techno scene before relocating to London in 2020. Since then, she’s graced the experimental dancefloors of Unsound and pushed boundaries in Berghain; she’s performed at fashion parties in Milan and even released her own capsule fashion collection with A Better Mistake.

With her debut EP Projections released earlier this year on Ninja Tune sub-label Technicolour, the artist has crafted a daring sound that is truly her own. Inspired by a tweet that reads, “VTSS is like techno minus the boring”, her Dazed mix is an adrenalised blend of floor-fillers, with smooth vocals and sharp edits. “I wanted to show that fast (145BPM+) can be still fun and approachable without taking it too hard or too dark,” she tells us. 

You’ve just released a new EP, how do you feel about it? 

VTSS: It feels really good to close this chapter and share all the music I’ve enjoyed making so much. I really felt freedom at the time of making, in a way I’ve never felt before.

What would you like people to take away from it? 

VTSS: I guess I’m just happy people are giving it a chance and being open to artists looking for new ways and new languages of expressing themselves. It’s how I DJ, how I make music, how I live, how I dress – I think that’s where the most fun is – when you allow yourself to mix influences and not be afraid or apologetic of who you are. 

How did growing up in Poland shape your sound, if at all?  

VTSS: Looking back now, having had met people from all over the world, I think my upbringing wasn’t that different from people my age from the UK or the US. We bond over a lot of the same things. But maybe I was always curious about the world and planning on living in different countries. My soft spot for cheesy electronics for sure though came from the Polish small town/village clubs which played a specific type of hard trance/progressive house/electro/techno/rave, which probably scarred me for life, heh. Thank Dj Hazel, Kalwi&Remi, mbrother for that. 

“I’m a firm believer in change and that in order to self-develop you really gotta keep pushing yourself constantly – and for me, it was literally pushing myself out of the Berlin techno scene bubble“ – VTSS

How has moving from Berlin to London influenced your sound? Has it changed it in any way?  

VTSS: I’ve been into music I’m making now for a long time, just never had the energy, courage, or time to pursue it. So it’s been rather me chasing this feeling than London influencing me. However, being here has been the most important time for me ever (musically), both from being able to explore the incredible music and club scene to working or even interacting with many amazing creatives – it’s been inspiring as hell. As well how fast and driven this city is, often exhausting and challenging, but, so far, this energy has been my fuel. I’m a firm believer in change and that in order to self-develop you really gotta keep pushing yourself constantly – and, for me, it was literally pushing myself out of the Berlin techno scene bubble.

What’s your experience of the pandemic been like? Did you spend it focusing on music? 

VTSS: The first months I was miserable and wasn’t working at all. Then, six months in, my mindset changes and it’s been bliss since. I got the courage to do things that I wanted to do for the longest time but never had the balls and now all this is getting released, super excited about that.

How has it been returning to live shows? Do you have any favourites post-pandemic, why? 

VTSS: I’m grateful I was in the position to have all the opportunities from before [and more]. But, both mentally and physically, I have been struggling for quite some time. Now, I’m trying to do all the gigs I have planned and start taking it easier in the future, as I’d rather work more either locally in the UK and focus on making music. I’ve realised that I’m not built to DJ 52 weeks a year as a lot of my peers.

Tell us about your Dazed mix. 

VTSS: The mix is probably one of my favourite mixes [of my own]. Been thinking about how techno has been going harder and faster, becoming a bit soulless at times so wanted to share my take on fast techno. Including some more groove, a lot of vocals, edits, some more funky vibes, with some different styles and influences mixed in and some rhythms that, for some, don’t necessarily belong in a techno club. I wanted to show that fast [145 BPM+] can be still fun and approachable without taking it too hard or too dark.

How were you feeling when making it?

VTSS: I felt like shit TBH, lol. I’m still recovering from an ear infection but I’d say it’s a good mood type of mix, so checked it the day after during walking my dog Mauro in London Fields and it didn’t ruin my beautiful mid-day walk!


1 Same O - Wet Poetry 
2 Von Riu - Oil Spill 
3 DJ これからの緊急災害 - She Want
4 Juicy Romance - My Hummer 
5 Franck - Ass Track 
6 LSDXOXO - Mutant Exotic (Badsista Remix)
7 Nova Cheq - Paarthurnax
8 Tommy Kid - Raptor (Mike G Remix)
9 Somewhen - 4th Floor
10 estoc - AREA CLAIM CHOP (NA x Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas)
11 KIDDY.WAV - Supahotfaya 
12 Billie Jo -  faller (Somewhen remix)
13 zpectrum - In Da Clubbb 
14 Franck - Numbaz
15 LSDXOXO - The Devil (TYGAPAW Remix)
16 Front 242 - Headhunter (Space Frog Mix)
17 P.E.A.R.L. - Blow Like That
18 Evita Manji - Vixen House
19 badsista - TOMOTOMO
20 Nova Cheq - Quick Draw
21 Dinamarca - Sunbeam

VTSS is performing at Flesh Festival 2022