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Rose Blackpink
via Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

Listen to BLACKPINK’s Rosé read you a bedtime story

Grounded With Rosé is available to stream on Calm app now

Anyone who struggles with insomnia will be well aquainted with a myriad of sleeping cures on offer, whether that’s listening to podcasts, meditation apps, or, my personal favourite, counting sheep. Now, you can listen to BLACKPINK’s Rosé (avec soothing Aussie accent) talk you to sleep.

The K-pop star has partnered with meditation and sleep app Calm to release a bedtime story titled ‘Grounded With Rosé’, which will no doubt help even the most well-seasoned insomniacs.

The Korean-Australian singer took to Instagram to announce the collab, as well as to share her own experience using the app. “I’ve been dying to share this exciting news with you all but I finally get to tell you – I have my very own sleep story, out now on (Calm),” Rosé wrote. “I started using Calm almost two years ago and it’s helped me get a comfortable, good nights sleep every single time.”

Rosé went on to add that she had “dreamed” of recording her own story on the app one day. “I hope you all enjoy it, let me know what you guys think, but most importantly: I hope it makes you all KNOCK. OUT,” she wrote.

According to Teen Vogue, the BLACKPINK vocalist shares her habits and delves into some of her own problems with sleep and relaxation in the new 30-minute Sleep Story. She also discusses how Calm and her puppy, Hank, have helped her to feel more relaxed.

Set to music by composer Kent Sparling, who has contributed to the soundtracks of films such as Minari and Lost in Translation, Rosé also talks through a series of breathing and guided meditation exercises to promote relaxation and encourage listeners to be present.

The star is one of a library of famous narrators on the app, which features everyone from Harry Styles to Kelly Rowland to Laura Dern. Listen to Grounded with ROSÉ exclusively on the Calm app. Then, revisit our interview with the singer from the Dazed autumn-winter 2020 issue.