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Avril Lavigne

Everyone’s favourite Avril Lavigne clone conspiracy theory is back

The OG sk8er girl, or her döppleganger Melissa, made an appearance at the 2021 VMAs

Avril Lavigne made an appearance last night at the 2021 VMAs, looking every part the queen of pop punk we know her to be. During the awards pre-show, the star channelled Clueless walking down the red carpet in a bedazzled tartan two-piece. But Twitter is convinced it’s her clone.

To refresh your memory: back in 2005, a Brazilian fanpage of the “Sk8er Boi” singer claimed that Lavigne began using a body double named Melissa at the beginning of her career. At some point, the Real Avril is said to have died, so the record company replaced her with faux Avril, AKA Melissa.

Proof of her döppleganger has included press appearances, where fans have claimed that faux Avril has “flubbed” interviews that Real Avril should’ve nailed. Then there’s the red carpet: Lavigne wears trousers, whereas Melissa prefers dresses and skirts. Some fans even believe that Melissa has left clues in songs, such as “Slipped Away”, in which she sings: “The day you slipped away was the day I found it won’t be the same”. There’s even a publicity shot in which Lavigne had “Melissa” written on her hand.

Fast forward to Lavigne's latest public outing and the theories are back in full force, especially after MTV, hilariously, decided to put quotation marks around her name. Have a look at some of our favourite tweets below.