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Caroline Polachek ‘Bunny Is A Rider’

Caroline Polachek channels Lara Croft in ‘Bunny Is A Rider’ video

Think: Tomb Raider meets Alice in Wonderland

Earlier this month, Caroline Polachek dropped the summer anthem “Bunny Is A Rider”, featuring both Danny L Harle and his baby daughter. Now, the singer has finally shared the mesmerising video that goes along with it.

Directed by Polachek and her frequent collaborator Matt Copson, the visual sees the musician channel Lara Croft as she navigates a maze of cardboard boxes. Think: Tomb Raider meets Alice in Wonderland.

“‘Bunny Is A Rider takes place in the storage facility of my mind,” the singer said of the video. “In this labyrinth, the camera is the Minotaur, but I’m the Matador so it’s game on. But like I said before, I can teleport.”

Polachek previously described the track as “a summer jam about being unavailable”.  “Bunny is slippery, impossible to get hold of. Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s a bad attitude. But anyone can be Bunny, at least for three minutes and 17 seconds.”

Alongside the video, Polachek announced her first ever solo US tour, kicking off on November 16 and spanning 19 states, including California, New York, Texas, and more. You can sign up for presale here. The singer is also set to play a sold out gig at London’s Roundhouse on October 28.

Polachek says the tour will be “full of Pang”, her stellar 2019 debut solo album, as well as new songs. In October, the artist spoke to Dazed about a year of Pang – which, coincidentally, was also a year of lockdown. “While building the world around Pang, I sometimes felt like a sponge that was being squeezed,” Polachek said. “Whereas with everything ground to a halt with lockdown, I felt the opposite. Rather than being creative, I felt like I was in absorption mode, soaking up as much as I could.”

Watch the video for “Bunny Is A Rider” via Facebook here, and look back at Polachek’s 2018 Dazed cover story here.