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Courtesy of Changwook Gu / Voo Store

This book celebrates 20 years of Electronic Beats

The Berlin publication’s titular book includes contributions from the likes of Honey Dijon, Billie Eilish, and Bryan Ferry

Telekom Electronic Beats has spent the last two decades shining a light on underground music scenes and club culture from around the world. To commemorate its 20 year anniversary, the Berlin-based publication has released a titular book, featuring contributions from the likes of Billie Eilish, Honey Dijon, and Bryan Ferry.

With exclusive photo galleries and drawings by German artist Stefan Marx, the German-language book features essays from key figures in the Electronic Beats universe, including Ellen Allien, Nina Kraviz, Daniel Wang, Transmoderna, Lars Eidinger, Ji-Hun Kim, Gunseli Yalcinkaya, Derek Opperman, Anika Meier, Irina Baconsky, Tim Bruening, and GmbH co-founders Serhat Işık and Benjamin Alexander Huseby.

Expect to read longform features on the position of brands and music in a post-label era, the women pioneers of electronic music, how the dance floor is today’s religious congregation, the role of ambient music in video games, and the rise of virtual escapism in 2020.

“Electronic Beats is a celebratory testament to the interdisciplinary nature of music across creative mediums. Youth culture has always been ahead of the game, and this 300 page tome memorialises 20 years of next-gen new media, curiosity, and innovation,” said editor Whitney Wei.

Find out more on the Telekom Electronic Beats website and buy the book (complete with a limited edition GmbH face mask!) via Voo Store.