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Britney and Jamie Spears

Britney Spears’ father on her conservatorship: ‘People have it so wrong’

Speaking via his lawyer, Jamie Spears has once again defended himself against the #FreeBritney movement

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, has once again defended himself against the #FreeBritney movement, which seeks to free the popstar from her decade-long conservatorship.

Jamie’s lawyer Vivian Thoreen appeared on Good Morning America yesterday (February 25) to speak on his behalf. “I understand that every story wants to have a villain, but people have it so wrong here,” Thoreen said. 

“This is a story about a fiercely loyal, loving, and dedicated father who rescued his daughter from a life-threatening situation,” she continued. “People were harming her and they were exploiting her. Jamie saved Britney’s life.”

Jamie previously defended himself in December, telling CNN: “When a family member needs special care and protection, families need to step up, as I have done for the last 12-plus years, to safeguard, protect, and continue to love Britney unconditionally. I have and will continue to provide unwavering love and fierce protection against those with self-serving interests, and those who seek to harm her or my family.”

Britney’s father has controlled her career and finances since 2008, following her five-day admission to a psychiatric hospital. Last summer, Britney requested to remove Jamie as her sole conservator, saying in court documents that she’s “strongly opposed” to his role. Earlier this month, Jamie was denied greater control over the singer’s estate, and was instead given “an equal division of responsibility” with his co-conservator, the financial company Bessemer Trust. 

The conservatorship has mostly been handled privately over the last decade, but has gained widespread attention in recent years due to the fan-launched #FreeBritney movement. The case gained further notoriety after being touched upon in a New York Times documentary about the singer, titled Framing Britney Spears, which premiered earlier this month.

Following its release, Britney took to social media to remind people that “no matter what we think we know about a person’s life, it is nothing compared to the actual person living behind the lens”. She added: “Each person has their story and their take on other people’s stories!!!! We all have so many different bright, beautiful lives!!!”