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Phoebe Bridgers’ neighbours say ‘shut the fuck up’ she sings
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Phoebe Bridgers’ neighbours tell her to ‘shut the fuck up’ when she sings

‘They don’t like when I sing to myself!’

Phoebe Bridgers may have four 2021 Grammy nominations, including for Best New Artist, Best Rock Song, and Best Alternative Album, but the singer-songwriter has revealed that not everyone enjoys her silky smooth vocals. 

In a video call with Beabadoobee for Consequence of Sound, Bridgers revealed that her neighbours aren’t always onboard with her singing. “Actually, something funny happens here where I share such a small space that my neighbours have yelled for me to shut the fuck up through my window,” she said. “They don’t like when I sing to myself. So, I’ll write songs that are way, way, way higher than I can actually sing because I’m whispering. Then I’ll go to record them, and I’ll be like, ‘I can’t fucking sing this!’”

Beabadoobee then asked why they were so mean, to which Bridgers replied: “I know! I just want to be like, ‘Fuck you.’ And then one of my neighbours, who I didn’t even know, he had my number – or I guess we had texted back and forth, like, ‘There’s a leak’ or whatever – but he was like, ‘Congrats on the Grammys!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, you know who I am!’”

The pair also spoke about how Bridgers “sucks” at baking, why she’s gone weekly with her therapist, and how she feared her fans would leave her after quarantine. “I would have been lucky if I would have come out of quarantine with the same level of fans, I really had this fear of like, they’re going to go away. I just feel ridiculously lucky.”

Bridgers, who features on Dazed’s 20 best tracks of 2020 with “I Know the End”, was to join forces with Beabadoobee supporting The 1975 on tour this year, however coronavirus restrictions prevented that from happening. 

Read our recent interview with Bridgers here from the autumn/winter 2020 issue of Dazed, in which she talks about launching her own record label, going to “Twitter jail”, and navigating her exploding fanbase.