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Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos
Via Twitter @ladygaga

Not so sour candy: Lady Gaga is releasing pink and green Chromatica Oreos

Oreomatica, am I right?

It’s 11am and you’re hungry. You’re wearing your Chromatica jockstrap, obviously, and you don’t want to risk a snack that might get it dirty. Lucky for you, Lady Gaga has the solution: Chromatica Oreos!

The singer announced the unexpected collab on Twitter today (December 2), posting a video of herself with the limited edition cookies. Arriving in a pink shiny packet that says ‘Lady Gaga’ on it, the Oreos have a pink biscuit (a coloured golden cookie) and a green creme (TBC what flavour this is). 

“We decided it was a good idea to have a Chromatica Oreo,” the “Stupid Love” singer says in the video, “which is a pink cookie with green filling.” It’s yet to be confirmed when the Oreos will drop, with Gaga simply saying it will be “soon”.

Chromatica arrived on May 29 after being postponed by two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the day of its release, the singer dropped a line of merch to go along with it, including the aforementioned jockstrap, as well as a thong, a t-shirt, and a pillow. Given you can’t eat any of these things, the new Oreo drop is an essential addition.

Watch Gaga’s announcement below.