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Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Lost but Never Alone’

Watch the Safdie brothers-directed music video for Oneohtrix Point Never

The trio, who worked together on Uncut Gems, have collaborated again on the electronic musician’s track, ‘Lost but Never Alone’

Directing duo Josh and Benny Safdie have once again joined forces with Oneohtrix Point Never. The trio, who worked together on the Safdie brothers’ films Uncut Gems and Good Time, have collaborated on the music video for “Lost but Never Alone”, which features on the electronic musician’s new album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never.

Splicing together a number of different scenarios, the video makes you feel like you’re channel-surfing in the 80s. In one clip, a young man gets caught with a smartphone, which his parents destroy; in another, a monster-like woman chases after someone; in one, you simply watch Oneohtrix Point Never perform.

“Nostalgia is both warming and deeply depressing,” Josh said of the video. “It’s a love/hate relationship. Emotions themselves are haunting. ‘Lost but Never Alone’ is a haunted piece of surfing – a screen-capture of our desire to pull meaning from the past at all times, and the triumph of breaking through it with something else.”

Josh added: “I love the album and this song in particular fills me with a deep sense of sadness, angst, loneliness, creativity, and, of course, triumph. We’re all lost but never alone.”

The Safdie brothers and Oneohtrix Point Never – real name, Daniel Lopatin – regularly collaborate, with Lopatin writing the scores for the directing duo’s critically-acclaimed films. Josh and Benny also directed the video for Lopatin’s 2017 track, “The Pure and the Damned”, which appeared on the Good Time soundtrack.

Watch the video for “Lost but Never Alone” below.