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The most iconic Madonna moments that need to be in her biopic

The Queen of Pop is known for her no-fucks attitude and provocative live performances – these are her most notorious moments

Madonna has lived more lives than a savvy street cat. The Queen of Pop is known for her shapeshifting aesthetic and skillful ability to reincarnate herself into any image she sees fit. Whether it’s her pre-fame days in 80s New York, performing in two post punk bands and bedding art world prodigies like Basquiat, or her steady ascent into megastardom, packed with explosive choreography, controversial Catholic imagery, and BDSM – she’s a living icon. Her no-fucks attitude and open displays of desire set the blueprint for modern pop, while her provocative live performances and music videos are still spoken about today.

To celebrate Madonna’s upcoming biopic, which she’s working on with Juno director Diablo Cody, we’ve rounded up some of her most iconic moments, courtesy of the Queen of Pop herself.