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July 2020 playlist
L-R: A. K. Paul, Koffee, Bree Runway, Sinead O’Brien, Oklou

The only tracks you need to hear in July

With new songs by A. K. Paul, Bree Runway, Koffee, and more

TextSelim BulutIllustrationCallum Abbott

Here are some of the songs on this month’s new playlist: “Be Honest”, a single by A. K. Paul whose release marks the return of the Paul Institute label he runs with his brother Jai; a lockdown-friendly new song by Koffee called, er, “Lockdown”; rising UK star Bree Runway’s “Gucci”, a song as luxe as its title suggests; “Strangers in Danger”, a song from emerging Irish poet-rocker Sinead O’Brien; and “unearth me”, a brilliant track from Oklou that is begging to be brought to light and exposed to a bigger audience.

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Otherwise, listen to the playlist below.