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Kate Bush
Courtesy of MCPR

Big Boi hints at possible Kate Bush collaboration

‘Stay tuned. Just stay tuned,’ the OutKast rapper said of a potential collaboration

Big Boi has never been shy about his love of Kate Bush. The OutKast rapper appeared in a BBC documentary about Bush back in 2014, and has frequently cited her as a dream collaborator – and now, his wish might just be coming true.

When Kate Bush played a rare, 22-date residency in London in 2014 (breaking a 35-year period in which she had not performed live), Big Boi flew to London to see her. In 2017, Big Boi tweeted that the two artists had gone out for dinner. Now, in a new interview, he has told the story of that meeting.

Speaking to SiriusXM Volume while promoting The Big Sleepover, a new project with longtime collaborator Sleepy Brown, Big Boi talked about going to Bush’s residency and being invited backstage, Spin reports.

“At the end of the show, she invited me and my wife back to the dressing room to have a glass of wine,” Big Boi said. “Not long after that, we hooked up and went to dinner. Just me and her had a sit-down for a couple hours.”

He continued: “She introduced me to Armagnac – I don’t know, it’s a almond cognac or something like that? We threw some back. We had a good old time, man. She’s really a sweet lady.”

Asked about the potential of a collaboration, Big Boi simply said: “Stay tuned. Just stay tuned... I can’t even talk about it right now!”

Earlier in the interview, Big Boi discussed how he first discovered Kate Bush’s music. “My uncle turned me on to her since I was like in eighth grade. And this is like my mom’s brother, like the weirdo brother. He turned me on to Kate and Fleetwood Mac and Sting and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and he just listened to everything. So I grew up listening to Bob Marley too, and my top two artists of all time is 1A and 1B, Bob Marley and Kate Bush. And then number two would be N.W.A.”

Watch a clip from the interview below.