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Alone Together - Erol Alkan
Illustration Callum Abbott / Original photo Tom Medwell

Check out a playlist from Erol Alkan’s #AloneTogether DJ set with Dazed

The London DJ played on what would have been the same date as his all-night To the Rhythm party in London

As part of #AloneTogether, Dazed’s creative community during the COVID-19 crisis, we have been inviting DJs, musicians, and other collaborators to host live lockdown listening sessions on our social media channels, with Benji B, Pxssy Palace, and Virgil Abloh having joined in already.

On April 24, Erol Alkan played an #AloneTogether set over on Dazed’s Instagram Live. The date coincided with what was meant to be one of Erol’s all-night ‘To the Rhythm’ sets in London, which was cancelled after lockdown set in. Before the event, Erol had a number of A2 screen prints made of its poster, which are on sale here – they’re hand-numbered, and 50 per cent of the profits will go to the #RoyalFreeLondonHeroes COVID-19 emergency fund.

Check out the full tracklist, and listen to some of the individual tracks as a Spotify playlist, below.

We’ll be updating our Spotify page with new selections from #AloneTogether in future, so follow us to check out more, and follow Dazed on Instagram to not miss a session as it’s broadcast live.

Erol Alkan for #AloneTogether tracklist:

01. Will Powers, “Smile” (Dub)
02. Simone, “Rekka” (Bonus Beats Chant)
03. Unknown, “Philly Perc”
04. Liquid Liquid, “Bellhead”
05. Eris Drew, “Fluids of Emotion”
06. Schuro, “Afterlife”
07. Decius, “Come to Me Villa”
08. Subliminal Aurra, “Ease the Pressure” (Mental Mix)
09. Soulphixion, “Beehive” (Classic Mix)
10. Omar Souleyman, “Layla” (Boys Noize Remix)
11. Erol Alkan, “Spectrum” (Special Request Kaleidoscope Remix)
12. The Cure, “Lets Go to Bed” (Extended Mix)