Watch a mini film from our Billie Eilish cover shoot

Catch a glimpse into the making of our spring/summer 2020 cover story, in this hazy home-movie style short featuring the pop star

For the cover of our spring/summer 2020 issue, a former cult teen icon met a current one as filmmaker and Kids-screenwriter Harmony Korine photographed Billie Eilish – without doubt, her generation’s biggest star. Styled by Dazed Fashion Director Emma Wyman, the shoot took place in suburban California (Eilish is an LA-native), where Korine, true to his stlye, photographed the pop star in the backyards and bedrooms of local strangers (as well as in a limo and among the apocalyptic remnants of a children’s birthday party). 

This mini-film, captured on set by Juan Palacio in the warm, granular style of a home movie shows Eilish meet a family of goats, jump on a trampoline in an over-over-sized puffer jacket and wade into a suburban bedroom with a motorcycle gang. 

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