Kesha just dropped a new song about Nicolas Cage

‘I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas / Request my presence, here’s the number call my agent’

Last year, Kesha tweeted something that we’ve all felt at one point or another: “I love Nicolas Cage.” In January, the pop star and the actor finally crossed paths at the premiere of Cage’s new film Color Out of Space. Afterwards, Cage told USA Today that “Kesha is a great lady, and we had a lot of fun,” while Kesha posted, “Meet ur idols!!!!!!! Sometimes they’re the shit.”

Kesha shot down any rumours that the two were dating, but she did write a song about him. Dropped on social media from isolation yesterday, the song references the actor’s classic films, roles, and lines.

“I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas / Request my presence, here’s the number call my agent,” she sings. “Bitch, I’m a National Treasure, I make it rain in the desert / I got an octopus, I got a pyramid / You think I’m extra? I’m on some Nicolas Cage shit.”

You get the gist. The video is captioned “mood” and includes clips from Nicolas Cage films. There’s also a sample of Cage in Kick-Ass saying “Good call, baby doll!”

Watch the video below.