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KeshaPhotography Dana Trippe

Ten-year-old Kesha song ‘Cannibal’ gets a lyric video after TikTok revival

TikTok on the clock

The party really doesn’t stop until Kesha walks in. The pop star has just released a lyric video for “Cannibal”, a track first released ten years ago, after the song found a new lease of life on TikTok.

2010’s “Cannibal” was part of Kesha’s album of the same name, which also included tracks such as “Blow” and “Who R Who We R”, and was released back when Kesha was still ‘Ke$ha’. The track was brought back after TikToker Briana Hantsch (@ya.girl.bri.bri97) posted a choreo to the song three weeks ago, which has since amassed five million reposts on the platform. But even stranger is that Kesha is currently promoting a brand new album, High Road, that was released on January 31.


This dance was the start of it all for me ❤️❤️❤️

♬ Cannibal - Ke$ha

Following up after other decade-old hits such as “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey and Jay Sean’s “Ride it” making their come-back on TikTok, “Cannibal” seems to fit in a pattern of ecoaching success stories that we were all starting to forget about. 

The singer has joined in on the new “Cannibal” trend. In a video posted to the platform, Kesha dances alongside TikTok star Charli D’Amelio – who is honestly probably too young to even remember 2010.  

Watch Kesha’s new lyric video below.