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Courtney Love and Anna Nicole Smith
via Instagram (@courtneylove)

Courtney Love shares an emotional tribute to Anna Nicole Smith

The model, actress, and pop culture icon passed away from a drug overdose 13 years ago

Courtney Love has paid tribute to her friend, the late model Anna Nicole Smith, who passed away in February 2007 from a drug overdose.

Posting a series of photos from the first time they met, Love wrote on Instagram: “I was two days out of a crap money pit rehab in Orange County. (Smith) started the evening by offering me cotton candy, she was pretty much the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and I have seen so many.”

The photographs see the pair at an afterparty following the 2004 World Music Awards, where they are posing and smoking together. “We ended up in some rich dude’s high roller suite downing shots and etc. I think there’s footage that’s been disposed of by the E! Channel… Man, she was incredibly beautiful like a mist, she trailed me all night. We had fun. I’m very grateful to have met her,” she continued.

Love, who gave a heartfelt tribute to her late husband Kurt Cobain earlier this week, continued to describe Smith’s death as a “senseless waste”: “She wasn’t resilient enough to rise above in the moment the water washed over her head, the wave hit her wrong, it’s just a matter of luck, angles, seconds.”

The singer concluded: “What a beauty, what a pity how many times it could have been me.”