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Selena Gomez Quiz
Selena wears mohair cardigan Miu MiuPhotography Brianna Capozzi, Styling Emma Wyman

What kind of Selena Gomez fan are you? Take our quiz!

To celebrate our new Dazed Spring 2020 cover star, we present you with the Selena Gomez pop quiz

Selena Gomez: the 27-year-old global superstar behind the most resilient, confident, soul-baring pop songs to grace the airwaves of 2020 thus far. Rare, her new album, which dropped this January, is her first in five years – it’s an intimate diary of self-love, confident, and triumph, after a hiatus taken due to her health. It has already become her third album to top the US Billboard 200.

But Gomez is so much more than one of the most played and most followed pop stars making music today. She recently hosted the Netflix series Living Undocumented, which meets families whose lives have been crushed by Trumps’ brutal immigration policies, soundtracked 13 Reasons Why, is a mental health advocate, starred in the cult Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers, as well as Jim Jarmusch’s 2019 zombie movie The Dead Don’t Die, and is a Unicef Ambassador.

On top of all this, Selena is the cover star of the new Spring 2020 issue of Dazed, “The Death of The 2010s” Issue – she’s interviewed by her friends, fans, collaborators and peers, including Jim Jarmusch, Bad Bunny, and Timothee Chalamet. Wearing Chanel, Selena is styled by Dazed fashion director Emma Wyman and shot by New York photographer Brianna Capozzi. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a quiz to test your knowledge about the pop star. Think you stan? Let the quiz decide.