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Fyre Festival, Ja Rule and Billy MacFarland
via Netflix

Ja Rule addresses Fyre Festival disaster on new track ‘FYRE’

The song’s cover art depicts the now-iconic cheese sandwich (you know the one)

Ja Rule, ex-relevant rapper turned co-founder of the disastrous Fyre Festival, has released a track that depicts his side of what went down at the festival that promised attendees luxury villas, catering and partying with supermodels including Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

After weaseling his way out of a class-action lawsuit last month, Ja Rule has managed to come out of the scandal mostly untouched, although that hasn’t stopped the rapper trying to make money from the 2017 event. Earlier this year, the rapper spoke about making a ‘Fyre 2.0’ to TMZ. Now, he’s released “FYRE”, a cheesy single and an apparent acronym for ‘For Your Real Entertainment’,  which jokes about not giving people refunds “show of hands if you got your money back”, and laughs about getting sued for $100 million dollars “just playing, I got sued for that / 100 mil to be exact”. Nice.

The 2017 festival that never happened was described as a “shit show” from the get go, with luxury catering including possibly the worst cheese sandwiches ever made (which are drawn in crayon on the single’s cover) and half-built tents as luxury accommodation for influencers. Since then, there have been two documentaries about the events that led up to the infamous festival.

Earlier this year the festival’s founder, Billy McFarland, released an apology from prison where he is currently incarcerated for fraud, so it’s understood he’s probably not finding this as funny as his co-founder Ja Rule, who only dismissed from the charges last month.

According to Instagram, Ja Rule’s next album, also titled Fyre, will be released on February 29.