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Charli XCX

Charli XCX goes on Australian TV to talk about teabag etiquette

The ‘Gone’ singer spills the tea on Sunrise

It’s official – Charli XCX loves a cuppa so much that an Australian breakfast show used her on a panel to discuss the much-debated subject: how long should you leave a bag in the cup? The British pop star shared her thoughts on how to make the best brew this morning on Australia’s Sunrise, saying: “That freaks me out – people who leave the bag in for ages. That’s some weird vibes. Also, people who drink the tea with the bag in, crazy. People who leave the teabag in and put the milk whilst the tea bag is in, messy. Like, no.” 

In case you were wondering, why? The debate follows a tweet by London journalist Joel Golby who wrote: “Simply can’t trust people who don’t leave the tea bag to steep in the cup for a bit. You think you can get enough depth of flavour just by squashing it a lot with the back of a teaspoon? The arrogance. The ego. Leave the room and walk away from it.” Presumably, next on the cards is a discussion on how to eat scones. 

Charli went on to say that a “collab is out of the question” for anyone not abiding by her tea etiquette. Savage. The 27-year-old also explained that while she “sometimes” drinks herbal tea, her favourite brew is English Breakfast. Well, you know what they say: you can take the girl out of Britain but you can’t take Britain out of the girl. 

So, in the words of her pop royalty, “get the teabag out of there”.