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Billie Eilish’s tour manager reveals what Thom Yorke told her when they met

The Radiohead frontman reportedly approached the singer after her Coachella performance in April

Thom Yorke might not like a lot of things, but apparently he’s a fan of Gen Z sensation Billie Eilish. Yorke previously praised the pop star in an interview with the Sunday Times, and now Eilish’s manager has revealed what he said to her when they met.

In an profile of Eilish for Rolling Stone, tour manager Brian Marquis revealed that during Coachella in April, the Radiohead frontman (who seemed “curmudgeonly, perturbed”) mumbled to the young startlet, “you’re the only one doing anything fucking interesting nowadays”, to which Eilish replied, “...thank you?”

The 17-year-old would be forgiven for not fully acknowledging the weight of Thom’s words – although Eilish’s brother, Finneas O’Connell, reportedly followed the exchange by saying, “that’s the coolest thing anyone’s ever said to you”. In Yorke-speak, it’s pretty damn impressive. Presumably they pair bonded over their love of eye-rolling, but that’s speculation.