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Photography Charlotte Wales

SOPHIE shares a huge double remix album straight to YouTube


After the world-spanning success of her debut album OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES, SOPHIE is back with a two-part remix album. Circumventing the usual avenues and ending capitalism as we know it, she’s uploaded the sprawling two-part record straight to YouTube for free.

Having been a prominent producer for the best part of this decade, fans were finally treated to a full-length album last year, celebrated widely for its mutating, wild-limbed view of electronic and pop music. An album of existential extremes, filled with avant-pop and alternative electronic sounds makes for an intriguing, bop-filled listen, with the record going on to earn a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2018.

SOPHIE has now released a two-part album which includes new versions of “Ponyboy”, “Faceshopping”, “Infatuation”, “Not Okay”, “Pretending” and “Whole New World / Pretend World”, with contributions from collaborators like US producer Doss, while also sharing new tracks “XTC Acid”, “Push Emission (wHor3 moans)”, “Leeds Heaven And Hell” and “Laser”. Central banger “Immaterial” is missing though.

In the description section of the video, SOPHIE left the endearing comment: “This is an album for myself, my friends, and all of the sweet people that have supported me and inspired me, I love you. Let’s celebrate.”

The musician – who has worked recently with Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kim Petras, and Rihanna, ranked highly on Dazed’s best abums of 2018. At the time, writer Erica Russell wrote: “When SOPHIE broke out with “BIPP” in 2013, her kinetic, helium-powered bops were frequently (and unfairly) disregarded as impassive, detached from any deeper emotionality. But despite the hard plastic sheen of her debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, there’s not a single moment of indifference or emotionless cool to be found across its sprawling synths and glossy electronics. It’s a rubbery nine-track odyssey that twists and bends mainstream pop... shaping an aggressive, hyper-emotional experience, one that stretches and bounces giddily across the pop spectrum. From the unbearable pangs of longing of “Is It Cold in the Water?”, to the unbridled sexual euphoria of “Ponyboy”, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides plays in extremes, cracking wide open the raw feelings, desires, tensions, and impulses we humans tend to bury deep within.”

Hopefully we’ll be treated to some enchanting new visuals like those that SOPHIE has become synonymous with to accompany some of the new material.

Listen to the new two-part album below.


01. Cold World
02. Not Okay (Alone Remix)
03. XTC Acid
04. Ponyboy (Megadog)
05. Push Emission (wHor3 moans)
06. Ponyboy (Faast Boy Remix)
07. Faceshopping (Lipstick Gel Remix)
08. Not Okay (Machine World)
09. Whole New World (Doss and SOPHIE Remix)
10. Infatuation (Lichtbogen Dreamin’ Remix)
11. Faceshopping (Euphoria Remix)
12. Pretending I give In (Let Go)


01. Leeds Heaven and Hell
02. Whole New World (Big Kiss Remix)
03. Pony Whip
04. Faceshopping (Money Mix)
05. Pretend World (Shop Front)
06. Laser
07. Cold Water
08. Dive (SDF)
09. Infatuation (Sunlight Zone)
10. Infatuation (Twilight Zone)
11. Infatuation (Midnight Zone)
12. Infatuation (The Abyss)
13. Infatuation (The Trenches)