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Dev Hynes — autumn/winter 2018
Dev wears printed wool blouson Louis Vuitton, shorts and accessories his ownPhotography Wolfgang Tillmans, styling Danny Reed

Blood Orange will release a new mixtape, Angel’s Pulse, this Friday

The informal follow-up to Negro Swan was performed, produced, and mixed entirely by Dev Hynes himself

Blood Orange, AKA Dev Hynes, is set to release a new mixtape, Angel’s Pulse, this Friday (July 12). Speaking in a press release, Hynes explains that he “performed, produced, and mixed the entire thing myself” and is deliberately calling it a “mixtape” rather than an album.

“I put as much work and care into it as I do with the albums I’ve released, but for some reason trained myself into not releasing things the rate at which I make them,” he added. “I’m older now though, and life is unpredictable and terrifying.”

The mixtape comes almost exactly a year after Blood Orange’s most recent studio album, Negro Swan, which coincides with his description of the mixtape as “somewhat of an epilogue of what I did before”.

The British-born, NYC-based artist hinted at this through a series of posts on his Instagram account of his past album cover art, leading his followers to conclude that an announcement was on the horizon. 

Revisit our cover story with Hynes from the autumn/winter 2018 issue of Dazed, and check out the Angel’s Pulse cover artwork below.