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Robyn’s ‘Never Again’ video
Robyn in the ‘Never Again’ video

Robyn wears custom Louis Vuitton in her new music video for ‘Ever Again’

The pop star revels in a dreamy, sensual world in the latest video from Honey

Robyn is the gift that keeps giving. The Swedish star has released a new video for “Ever Again” in the midst of her European and North American tour. The video was directed by Colin Solal Cardo and choreographed by Robyn’s longtime collaborator Maria ‘Decida’ Wahlberg. In the video, she wears an outfit designed by Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.

The video, in which Robyn brings us to purgatory, shows the singer taking out her frustrations after a break up, spinning and grinding in a sandy wasteland backlit in blue and green singing “never gonna be brokenhearted ever again”. She’s surrounded by collapsed ancient Greek statues, dancing in the ruins. The Vuitton outfit was designed by Ghesquière especially for the video, although it doesn’t last that long, as she strips down out of the shirt revealing a sheer bodice underneath.

Robyn’s 2018 album Honey, was named one of the best albums of the year by Dazed. Revisit the singer’s Dazed guest edit, and watch the video for “Ever Again” below.