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Bipolar Bear (Los Angeles, California)

Low-key musical quartet Bipolar Bear, keep things minimal with their Limited Appeal 12” release.

Industrial music lovers Bipolar Bear apparently sound nothing like their idols, instead their music is laced with guitar clashes, banshee drums and rhythmic distorted vocals which wind up and tease into melodic low releases, more down tempo and painterly than hard-faced angst. The band remains low-key, with blurred out faces on press photographs; hype is lame…

... your description of your sound?
Um pretty darn 90's.   Lots of listening to Monorchid in high school, since then a lot of listening to old Zick Zack records and industrial.   However, none of that seems to show up in any of the music.

... so special about you, then?
Geez.  According to a lot of press nothing, some others seem to think the stuff isn't so bad.

... the story behind your name?
Big Mistake!

... your tip for 2009?
Keep things minimal, I hate overexposed bands with pictures everywhere.  Hype is lame.  

... your favorite website?

... your favourite piece of clothing?

... your worst fashion secret?
Going bald.

... your dream musical collaboration?
Find and release old German Shepards records.

... the name of your hero?
Al Jourgensen

... so special about your hero?
Heroin, label king, band whore.

... your karaoke song?
Never done it.

... the best piece of advice you've heard?
I am still waiting.

... the one thing you'd kill for?
World Peace.

... your vision of the future?
RAD! If by rad you mean a really awful death?