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Rosalia - Aute Couture

Rosalía drops new Western style video ‘Aute Cuture’

The Yeehaw Agenda meets haute couture

Spanish pop sensation Rosalía has dropped a new track and sure-fire club-banger “Aute Cuture”, a natural follow up to her March single “Con Altura” produced by El Guincho, who provides a similar menacing bassline and crisp hand claps on this latest collaboration.

In the playful homage to high-fashion – note the deliberate misspelling of “haute couture” – Rosalía namedrops Valentino and the Hamptons in her signature vocal style: impossibly precise, silky smooth, and subtly dipped in autotune.

The accompanying video, created by directing duo Bradley & Pablo, past collaborators of Frank Ocean, Charli XCX, and Kanye West, is shot like a classic Western – Rosalía marches into a sleepy town flanked by her “Beauty Gang”, all dressed in Yeehaw-couture, and forges a criminal empire in the back of a beauty salon.

Rosalía’s vocals have no trouble cutting through the thumping bass and heavy synth horns that punch their way through all 2:30 minutes of the track: her sharp delivery and deliciously catchy melodies put her right up there among the world’s most important pop talents.

Watch the full video for Rosília’s “Aute Cuture” below: