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The festival FYF in California this September 5th, is a free-for-all outdoor fest parallel to SXSW featuring Crystal Antlers and Har Mar Superstar

California may be the Golden State, ripe with natural wonder – epic mountains, vast desert, deep blue sea - but thanks to Governor Terminator those lands set aside for public use, the entire State Park system no less, is now in big trouble. While Arnold Schwarzenegger holding the State’s highest office may still seem an absurdist nightmare – the reality is even scarier. At the moment California is officially bankrupt and the first thing to fall under GT looks to be the acreage set-aside for respite and relaxation... But not if F’Yeah has something to say about it.

The aptly named Fuck Yeah Fest is a transmutable, ever-evolving entity – a catalyst of chaos in the form of live music madness – a homegrown concert series that has been slowly but surely defining a new era of sonic experiments. Founded by childhood pals Sean Carlson and Phil Hoelting, FYF has been responsible for numerous moments of ecstatic bliss – including a cross country tour with a re-united Circle Jerks and the anarchic “Mess with Texas”, a free-for –all outdoor fest which runs parallel (and contrary) to Austin’s SXSW. This coming weekend, on September 5th, the boys will plant their roots in their hometown of Los Angeles in the hopes of raising awareness about the proposed State Park budget cuts.

“We had been trying to involve the parks for a few years now”, says FYF founder Phil Hoelting, “This year the governor cut the overall budgets for park maintenance and operation, putting them in an inoperable place. Having been working with the park rangers when this happened we decided we wanted to do what we could to help them. There isn't much grass in LA as it is. We can't afford to let the little that we have get roped off and die.”

FYF have enlisted, as their partners in crime (or rather, peaceful political protest) an impressive list of radical weirdoes – from the relentlessly energetic Black Lips to the cable show crazies Tim and Eric. Acts like No Age, Crystal Antlers and Har Mar Superstar will let their freak flags fly in the hopes of saving our precious parks. If you’re anywhere near Los Angeles – get yourself over to FYF and savor the feel of your feet in the grass - while you can...