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Nathy Peluso for Bershka On Stage // Off Stage

Hear a playlist of the songs that inspire Spain’s rising star Nathy Peluso

Ahead of her show for Bershka’s On Stage // Off Stage series, the Barcelona-based artist curates a set of rap, R&B, and Latin pop songs

Nathy Peluso, a Latin-infused pop and dance star from Buenos Aires, first sprung into the music world’s cultural conscience two years ago. Now, at still only 24, she’s on course to achieve icon status, with her shapeshifting, enigmatic sound that fuses soul, R&B, hip hop and Latin funk.

Peluso’s 2018 EP La Sandunguera has gained her a loyal fan base around the world, particularly felt in her adopted city of Barcelona. You don’t have to look far to see Peluso’s influence on the sound and fashion of the Catalan capital; an impressive feat for a musician who self-released her first EP, Esmeralda, just one year earlier.  

Now she’s back with a new merch capsule in collaboration with Bershka, comprising five looks that perfectly encapsulate Peluso’s attitude. “Clothes are a language for me, one of the languages I use to communicate myself,” she explains. “When designing these garments I thought of those two parts that define me as a singer – the Sandunguera, with its rhythm, its colours and its tropical universe, and the hip hop and the 90’s that I love so much. These are the elements that define me as a person.”

The first item in the collection is a Sanduguera-inspired tropical-print unitard with a flared hem, cut-out detail and off-the-shoulder neckline. At the other end of the scale, there’s an all-white halter crop top and matching tracksuit-style trousers with the word “SABOR” (savour) embroidered across the chest – one of Peluso’s favourite mottos. Other merch includes two tees: a cropped tee with the diamante-emblazoned word “NATIKILLAH” (an ode to gangsta rap and circa-2000 hip hop); and a unisex tee with the artist’s name emblazoned in gothic typeface across stonewashed cotton and lightning graphics.

To coincide with the collaboration, Dazed asked Peluso to curate a playlist of the most powerful and dance-worthy tracks to inspire her. The result is a seamless mishmash of different eras, sounds, and influences; a bit like Peluso herself. We jump between 90s/00s R&B bangers “Just Dippin’” by Snoop Dog, Jewell, and Dr. Dre, “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent, and “Slide” by Missy Elliott. The heady blend of modern nostalgia with seminal Latin American sounds comes with her choice of “Flor de Lis” by Djavan, “Cumba, Cumba” by Cuban Latin soul singer La Lupe and “Todo tiene su final” by Hector Lavoe, all of which are emblematic of the way Peluso draws inspiration from musical traditions far and wide.

“With time, I intend to create a new musical avant-garde,” she says. And while jazz, swing, and African-American music in general have heavily influenced Peluso, not to mention Brazilian styles, they also sit comfortably alongside anthems such as “Maniac” by Michael Sembello. Peluso trained as a dancer and gymnast, and studied physical theatre, meaning that drama, theatricality and aesthetics play a huge part in her art as well, and making Chaka Khan’s 2018 banger “Like Sugar” (and the music video) an obvious choice. Conforming to a category or living by expectations isn’t Peluso’s strong suit and the fact that the tracklist finishes with Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life” feels apt.

The playlist comes ahead of Peluso’s concert at Bershka’s main store in Barcelona on May 9 – the second installment of On Stage // Off Stage, a series of live events at stores across six cities, curated by Dazed and Bershka (catch up on the first performance with Let’s Eat Grandma here).

Listen to Nathy Peluso’s playlist below, and stay tuned for coverage of the singer’s Bershka performance in Barcelona.