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Solange: spring/summer 2018
Patchwork trainer bodice Paolina Russo, Céline suit Solange’s own, protective goggles City Hardware, earrings Annie Costello BrownPhotography Jackie Nickerson, Styling Katie Shillingford

Solange very casually dropped a teaser for new music

My eyes and ears are ready

Since Solange revealed her album was finished back in October, we’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting the drop. Now it seems the day might be looming, as the singer has teased new music via Twitter.

Last night, Solange posted a one-minute long visual flitting between synchronised groups of dancers, and lo-fi footage of the singer throwing shapes around the house, all soundtracked by delicious, skin-clearing new tunes.

As well as dreamy footage of impeccably-dressed women in matching looks, the video ends with a repetition of the line: “do nothing without intention”. Is this Solange’s less-than-subtle way of hinting that there’s a visual album coming? We’re not worthy!

The teaser comes just two days after Solange revealed her new profile on BlackPlanet, a social media platform for people of colour. The singer’s homepage plays a looped video of three women all dressed in black leather (a look), with other pages offering upcoming live dates, a dossier of images, and a newsletter sign-up.

Her sudden re-emergence definitely suggests there’s new music imminent – when it will arrive is something only the Gods (Solange) know. If you can’t wait, read Dazed’s cover story with Solange, where she wrote a personal essay about recording new music in Jamaica.