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George Pringle and Her Garage Band Love

Catching up with Ms Pringle to talk DIY, James Murphy and the future of music.

Three years in the making, it seems the 24 year old London born, GarageBand loving DIY chanteuse George Pringle is finally ready to drop her debut album Salon des Refusés in early September. Aptly releasing it on her own label, Deth to Fals Metal Records, the LP and first single proper from it, ‘Physical Education’, manage to explore the boundaries of her idiosyncratic part spoken-word, part sung delivery; twinning her oft sardonically whip sharp lyrical content with some of the tightest production one will probably hear on GarageBand. Art-school electronic pop music for lovers DFA and Fellini alike.

Dazed Digital: You’ve started singing more on your tracks than before, what inspired this direction?
George Pringle: A long standing love of disco and pop. I was always a singer, then I started talking and now I do both. I have no great illusions about my voice at all but most of my favourite singers aren't much good at singing. It's that character that pushes songs. Sometimes you just want to shout and howl because there aren't any words left.

DD: You also seem far more proficient with the beats. Are you still all about GarageBand?
George Pringle: Yes, I'm still using GarageBand. As a first album, I wanted the whole thing to be succinct so that's why I kept with it. It was a conceptual decision but I'm a bit anal that way. I just got a lot better over the three years this project took and was all part of the learning curve. I mixed the record in Logic and got to use loads of old tape delays and reverb plates. We basically put the digital files back through analogue and it really warmed the whole thing up.

DD: So what took your album so long?
George Pringle: I think the album took a while because nobody was willing to invest in it. I had a couple of false starts with record companies who got cold feet in the eleventh hour. Eventually, this very charming promoter in Brighton invested in the album. I was doing all kinds of odd jobs to get the money together to mix it down and he just sent an email saying: "How much?". It was kind of a bolt from the blue and I am just so grateful for what he did because I would probably still be saving now.
DD: Which artists are you listening to at the moment?
George Pringle: Chic, Kanye West, The Field, Matthew Dear and New York Noise compilations on Soul Jazz. I don't listen to much new music. I worry that it will infect my music making. I also don't listen to much music that puts me in a negative frame of mind as I'm a melancholic, so that pretty much rules out a lot of acoustic music and rock. At the end of the day, I just like something that makes me want to dance.

DD: In an ideal world, who would you share a stage bill with?  
George Pringle: LCD Soundsystem of course. I shook James Murphy's hand whilst he was DJing in London. I said "You're my hero" and he just looked confused. I can only hope he couldn't hear.

DD: What do you think, musically, we need right now?
George Pringle: We need people to break more with the templates. Oh hell, we're doomed. It's all been done before.

George Pringle’s album Salon des Refusés is out September 9, with single ‘Physical Education’ out August 16.