Watch HYUKOH get into the festive spirit in their hotel room

The effortlessly cool Seoul rock band feature in our Dazed Does Room Service Christmas Special

In the latest episode of Dazed Does Room Service, we laid around with the jangly four-piece currently at the forefront of South Korea’s indie rock scene, HYUKOH. The Seoul outfit stole our hearts with their enchanting guitar-wrung pop ballads, “Comes and Goes” and “Love Ya!”, and their fourth record, 24, which acts as a mouthpiece for Korea’s disaffected youth, the Sampo Generation.

Having scored the 10th spot in Dazed 100, HYUKOH are ahead of the curve. They enjoy bucking music and beauty trends, which is something embodied in their Chinese-born frontman, Oh Hyuk, who sports a pierced lip and a shaved head. Oh Hyuk explained recently to Dazed why he doesn’t follow expectations or pop formulas: “I tried writing something that would please the audiences, but I found out that there is no point in it, so I kind of gave up. Now, I’m just going to write whatever I like.”

For this extra merry Christmas Special, watch the above video of HYUKOH devouring a buffet (including a particularly festive cake), discussing what they want from Santa, and what they’d like to do this holiday season.