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Brooke Candy x Latex Lucifer - Love Hurts

Watch Brooke Candy star in a blood-splattered Halloween short film

The two-minute, NSFW short is directed by queer filmmaker Latex Lucifer

Brooke Candy is no stranger to the supernatural. As the rapper and artist tells us in a separate feature today, she used to live in a haunted apartment, waking up one day to find she’d clawed a bloody imprint into her own chest. Grim.

It’s an image that’s taken a few steps further in a new short film, Love Hurts, which sees Brooke play a rhinestone cowboy, dancing on-stage soundtracked by a decayed pop standard, before things take a more unsettling turn. The film was directed by Latex Lucifer, a New York-based queer filmmaker, artist, and photographer who previously helmed noise musician Pharmakon’s video for “Somatic”.

When asked to talk about the film over email, Latex Lucifer simply replied “Fuck Halloween!” It’s a sentiment that Brooke echoed. When we asked Brooke to elaborate on it a bit more, she added that the film “is an ode to Carrie, the original prom queen”. Watch it and you’ll see why.

This is just one of many new projects from Brooke Candy – besides dropping new music, like the Mykki Blanco and Pussy Riot-featuring “My Sex”, she recently directed an avant-porno for Pornhub’s ‘Visionaries Director’s Club’ series.

Watch the film below – but bear in mind, it’s very NSFW.